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I’m reviewing last week’s episode of Game of Throne because I just did not have time and I couldn’t miss out on a reaction post because then it wouldn’t be consistent.

I’m going to be keep this short and sweet because you’ve probably read 800 posts about this episode already

  • Sansa’s character keeps getting stronger and stronger given her circumstances.  But freakin’ Reek ruins it all by spilling everything to Ramsay!

  • I was a little confused over Maester Aemon’s sudden death. Book readers would know he dies on the way to Oldtown so I don’t understand the motive behind this change. Was it just to get rid of his character?


  • So you know when those Night’s Watch Rangers try to rape Gilly and then Sam’s trying to be all brave but then he’s failing. And then Ghost strolls in and I’m just sitting here like..

  • The conversation between Olenna Tyrell and The High Sparrow was very interesting. I mean when they’re talking about power it just reminds me of our world ye know.


  • How can we not praise Bronn’s singing in this episode. But as predicted the Sandsnake’s dagger was poisoned but I’m surprised she actually gave him the antidote


  • So we’re finally beginning to see Cersei’s demise and I believe Littlefinger had a part to play in the whole Lancel ratting out Cersei. It would be very Littlefinger of him to do that.


  • Yes of course I cannot do a reaction post without mentioning the most important scene in the episode. Tyrion and Dany

Two of the show’s biggest players have finally met and I cannot wait to see how all this goes down. Oh yes

That was my reaction to last week’s episode. Excuse the tardiness, school is literally leeching me right now..




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