How To Survive A Black Out

So yesterday I had the misfortune of surviving my first proper black out in a very long time.

Emotions ran high people, especially due to the guilt of all the homework I wasn’t able to do (I know such a nerd) but I survived and you can too. Just follow these exact steps that I did and you’ll make it!

Step 1: Lose you shit

So your laptop’s about to run out of charge,, your phone isn’t any good either and you’re left alone in darkness. For the first time, alone with your dark thoughts without all these distractions. So what do you do?

Freak out. Run around. Scream.

Because it is not acceptable that in 2015 we humans be left without electricity and WIFI. Oh dear Lord.

At this point there will be the initial doubt about alien invasions creeping into your mind so that calls for

Step 2: Snoop Around

Yes this involves actually getting out of the house.


Look around  and see if anyone else is in the same situation. Chances are you’re not alone and chances are you’ll see some technicians around trying to solve the problem.

Which brings me to…

Step 3: Realize that you’re not alone

Trust me, the frustration around the neighbourhood will be REAL.

I’m talking screaming kids, continuous barking and just general human unrest.

Step 4: Go for a walk

It creates the illusion that you’re actually doing something besides camping out in your front yard waiting for the lights to come back on.

Besides what better time to walk around proudly in your fuzzy socks, I mean no can see you. Literally

Step 5:  Start Noticing

Like how the crickets and the night animals finally get to be heard now that the TVs and the aircons are off.

How the moon actually illuminates everything more beautifully than any light bulb could

The little details that you wouldn’t give a millisecond of thought to finally get to be seen in the darkness.

Step 6:  Realize what a privilege electricity is

When the lights come back on, take a moment to think how lucky you are to flip one switch and have the whole house illuminated.




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