Reaction | Kill The Boy | SO DISAPPOINTED


Alright not much to say about this week’s episode.

I mean it’s the halfway point of the season so things should really start exploding in the coming other half hopefully.

I guess this episode was more focused on the minor characters (by which I mean characters I’m not interested in) and yeah everyone deserves their own screen time or whatever but I just want the fun to start! I remember obsessing over one Game of Thrones episode for MONTHS.


Here are a few pointers from tonight’s episode:

Beware of spoilers 

  • Barristan Selmy Death

Okay I didn’t expect them to kill him off so early but I guess it acted as a catalyst for what Dany’s about to do next. When Dany burns the Pyramid Masters, it just reminds me of the Mad King, slightly disturbing.

But hey Greyworm and alive and him and Missendei aw!

  • Jon going to the Widling gives me a bad feeling, but who am I kidding, I’ve read the books and it ain’t a joy ride.


  • The whole deal with Theon and Sansa was so CRINGE


  • The end of the episode was somewhat exciting with the whole Walking Dead stuff going down. And for the record, I predicted that Jorah Mormont would get Greyscale because they’re overlapping storylines from the books hah!

I felt like, in this episode there was a lot of build up of tension and then nothing happened. I think it was for the first time in history that I was bored of watching a Game of Thrones episode…




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