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A new dawn brings about a new episode of Game of Thrones Season Five. Read on to find out what had me screaming at my screen this episode.

The House of Black and White

As per the title of the episode I may as well begin with The House of Black and White

There’s a lot of disappointment circulating around the introduction to the House but people need to understand that the House of B&W is built upon tests and proving yourself. Obviously Arya can’t just turn up to a Black and White door and be let in, I know it’s GoT but that’s still a bit too smooth.

But Jaqan H’ghar! I am very happy to see his face (excuse the pun). I like how the show is using familiar faces to introduce viewers to new concepts. And I do believe The House of Black and White will be explained in greater detail maybe in the next episode?


Oh a Palace more beautiful was never seen before!

Prince Doran is fantastically cast and I like how his character, his morals are already showing through, non-book readers can already see what kind of person he is.

I do believe Arianne Martell will be replaced by Ellaria Sand which simplifies things a little I guess.

Already predicted that Jaime was going to Dorne because of a leaked script (I can see your judgey face), But I never could’ve guessed Bronn would be the accomplice!

Jaime trying to convince Bronn was so smooth as expected

Lord Commander Elections

Yay for doing things democratically! I just realized the Night’s Watch is the closest thing to a Democracy in Westeros, hm need to fix that I guess.

Anyways, I believe the anticipation was very well done. I was literally screaming at Sam to open his mouth and oh what a great speech he gave

“He’s the commander we turned to when the night was darkest”

Let’s just take a moment..

Can someone turn that into a fancy Tumblr thing ?

Dany in turmoil

It was going smooth, they discovered  a Son of the Harpy and then everything went downhill.

Dany, you don’t execute a slave in front of a bunch of slaves especially when they’re screaming at you to not do it.

But hey, I’ve read the books and I know what’s coming so I shouldn’t expect everything to go peacefully in Meereen.

But Dragons!

I was so happy to see Drogon but for a second I thought he was going to blast Dany’s face..can’t trust those things

Miscellaneous Musings

I have some scattered thoughts that can’t really be categorized. Call this the rapid fire round if you will

Sansa decides not to take Brienne’s offered protection, I guess it’s her new independence showing and it then also directs us towards said uncomfortable scene in the next few episodes.

Tyrion whinging to Varys on the way to Volantis is very much like him whinging to Ilyrio in the books, I’m glad they’re following the book that way.

Last but not least how cute are Gilly and Stannis’ daughter? I just hope the stupid mother stays out of it.

Quote of the Episode:

“That smirking whore from Highgarden”

– Cersei expressing her love for Margaery Tyrell

Those were my thoughts on this week’s episode! I’ll see you next week with another one!

What did you think of Ep.2?


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4 thoughts on “Reaction | The House of Black and White | Top 5 WTF”

  1. I did like the democratic process of the Night’s Watch to elect Jon. (Since you’ve read the books, you’re aware that there’s another democratic group in Westeros, sort of.)

    But I wished one element had been included, in either Sam’s speech or earlier: Jon’s defense of killing Mance in defiance of Stannis’ wish that the King Beyond the Wall burn to death.

    Mance is a deserter from the Night’s Watch, and therefore the Watch have some say in how he is to die. I think that would have been a good point in Jon’s favor, countering Janos Slynt and Aliser Thorne’s accusations.

    Thorne: Snow had to put the Wildling out of his misery! Pathetic!
    Sam: No king can select the fate of a brother of the Night’s Watch, even a deserter. The Night’s Watch has that right and no king can take that away.

    Anyway, I’m happy with the deviations: Brienne beating the crap out of Vale knights? Yes please.

    And that was a great wordless exchange between Prince Doran and his guard captain when Ellaria was storming off.

    Areo: * you want me too… you know, exercise my specific set of skills?
    Doran: * not just yet…


    1. I do agree the election might have been a bit rushed. and it did bug me too when Jon/Sam didn’t say anything back to Alliser’s comment about Mance but hey it all ended well 🙂

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