Special Announcement!

Ello Everybody!

The holidays have come around which means I’m quarter of the way through the school year WHAT

but anyways that’s not the point of this post

I’m writing to let you know that I have a best friend.

I know it’s hard to believe I have friends at all. But me and this said best friend have created a Youtube Channel

Our first video is up so I’d love it if you could go and show it some love. Some awkward love

I’d love if you could leave some suggestions and we’d be happy to continue being weird on this channel!

This DOES NOT mean I’m abandoning blogging. I still love my baby just the same.

So that was my special announcement. Are you as excited as I am?


5 thoughts on “Special Announcement!”

  1. Right on! Best regards in branching out onto YouTube. Wishing you and your friend success. I really enjoyed the natural banter that the two of you possess. And there were multiple Game of Thrones mentions!


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