Reading is Contagious

Ello Everybody!

Firstly, how do we like the change in colour scheme? with the southern hemisphere well and truly into Autumn I decided things were getting a bit stale on this blog so time to spice it up with some Autumnal colours cuz Autumn

I mean getting all cozy with a book and a spiced latte? heck yea

Speaking of books.  (As if I don’t talk enough about books already)

I’ve always wondered how one gets someone into books. You know those people who just can’t sit still for 30 seconds with their nose in a book? how do you get them to even remotely realize how amazing books are?

One of my best friends recently just finished reading what is quiet possibly her first series ever. Now. I’d like to believe that I played a certain role in that. I mean I was the one who recommended the series to her. Maybe it’s because me and her are like Siamese twins and seeing me read all the time motivated her. Or maybe it was just such an amazing series?

Another one of my other friends recently came up to me and said:

“Your compulsive reading has gotten me reading too..”

So tell me, is it the fact that recommending a good book (a nudge in the right direction) gets people into reading?

Or is it that seeing someone read all the time just triggers something in us, a curiosity as to what could be more compelling than the real world that has people pick up a book?

Do you think reading is contagious?




7 thoughts on “Reading is Contagious”

  1. I do kind of agree with you on this one. I share a room with my sister, and I am constantly reading, so when she called me the other day telling me had bought a book I was really pleased. Back in January I gave her some money to buy The Maze Runner (we don’t often give each other money, but she was buying a book! I wasn’t going to pass up on the opportunity to buy her a book so she can see how much fun reading is. So, yeah, maybe she was slightly influenced and caught the reading bug! 🙂

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  2. Yeah! One of my friends at college- Geet and I constantly read, buy and talk about books. She’s my partner in crime. At first, everyone from our group was all why do you even read? Reading is boring and blah blah blah.
    This semester, we had English Literature and a terrific professor. We literally had graphic novels in our portion.
    And guess what? All our friends started reading the graphic novel ‘Persepolis’ and they love it. Now they want to borrow books from us. Hehe. Bookworms shall prevail!!

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    1. Omg thats so cool! Yeah I love it when people from my friend group go “oh that book looks nice can i borrow it” like since when do you read? Hail bookworms!

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  3. Oooh! I wonder if reading IS contagious… hmmm…

    Usually when I try and get people to read, I try and appeal to their interests. I think about what I know they already love, then rave about a really cool book I think they might enjoy and try and get them interested. Sometimes I think it works! Haha!


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