Top 5 Wednesday | Bookish Habits


Yeah I know it’s not Wednesday boo I missed a day because I wrote up a beautifully long review on The Handmaid’s Tale. 

Surprisingly it was difficult creating a list of five bookish habits. Because habits are so second nature you rarely think about them. Hopefully I managed to cover my weirdest and most crucial bookish habits. Enjoy!

1. Smelling New Books

We all do it. There’s no shame in it, let’s join hands and embrace our instinctual desire for the scent of new books. Honestly though that feel when new books arrive in the mail and you’re just like

2. One book at a time

Okay so I have this thing with multi-tasking. Just can’t deal. Music and homework? Nup. Two books at a time? nup. They all deserve my uttermost attention which I can only provide if I read them individually.

3. Lips are movin’

Alright so this one I hadn’t noticed till a couple years ago until my friends pointed it out to me. I move my lips when I read, as in silent read in my head. I don’t know I feel like it just helps me get a better understanding if my enunciating the words. I seriously don’t understand why people find that weird.


I believe beginning a book is a great ordeal so I acknowledge this by wedging a bookmark between the cover and the very first page. It just makes it final that I’m now officially reading this book I guess.

5. Mental Goals

I have this thing where I expect myself to read say 50-100 pages per day and if I don’t do that I have to catch up the next day, Obviously this is to ensure I’m not dragging the book too long, if I enjoy a book there is no need to set goals but what can I say I’m a lists and goals kind gal.

There you have it. My top 5 bookish habits.

What are some bookish habits you have?


2 thoughts on “Top 5 Wednesday | Bookish Habits”

  1. Ooo, rebel….you posted a Wednesday post on a Thursday. Me likey *wink*
    Oh my gosh!! Me and smelling books. When they come in the mail and the first thing you do (after checking out the cover) is smell the book. Creepy booknerds do. *shrugs* eh, we don’t care

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