Reviews Vs Essays

Ello Ello!

As you may or may not be aware I was reading The Great Gatsby for school and after dragging the reading process for ridiculously long comes the tedious task of writing an analytical essay for assessment.

I mean I love analysing. I’d pick analysing over creative writing any day.

In this novel’s case though, the question I decided to write my essay on was arguing the case of whether Gatsby deserves to be called a hero. I was like “great I can see both sides to the story so I can present my essay from both perspectives”

My teacher was like nuh-uh you pick ONE side and you base your essay on that.

That got me thinking how much better it would be if only I could write a review instead of an essay.

And this post was born! Let’s discuss the pros and the cons and the tacos of Reviews Vs Essays!

1. Self expression

Reviews: If I hated a book I can rant about it, if I loved a book I can rave about it, If i have mixed feelings I can take both sides. With reviews I can pour my heart and soul and atomic matter into my piece of writing

Essays: I have to make up my mind about the book like completely. And the lack of personal pronouns and fancy sixteen-alphabet words gives the piece a detached essence. I felt like a robot yesterday writing my Gatsby essay cuz detachment.

2. The Vibe

Reviews: Some people think the reviews I write on the blog sound all posh and English-y but trust me oftentimes I aim to be casual and laid back like I’m having a chat to you about the book which is how I like it.

Essays: Here’s the deal, instead of saying “Gatsby was a heck of a man” I have to say “Gatsby’s character development evoked feelings of intrigue in the reader” . Honestly, why does everything need to be glorified and polished ugh sometimes I’d just like to say it like it is.

4. The Connection

Reviews: One of my favourite things about reviews is that I can connect to my audience, going back to the first point I just feel like it gives me the most freedom of expression

Essays: Every single molecule has to be broken down, you have to analyse the life out of the book until there is nothing but cardboard and ink . No feeling, no connection just a physical mass of paper. I’m never reading Gatsby again, sorry but just no.

Yes I know this post was really biased towards  reviews (I wonder why).  But some people like creating beautiful essays and go you if you’re that person. I guess they’re both different mediums and each is well in its own place.

hat do you think? Review or Essays?



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