Infinite Impulses | Leaving Your Mark

Infinite Impulses is an original feature on Infinity Reads where I post spur of the moment impulsive posts about anything and everything. Enjoy!

Next week I’ve decided to carry out a rather daunting task and if it goes well it will do wonders for my confidence.

But as always now and then self-doubt creeps in and I find myself asking

“What’s the point of doing this? it’s all gonna be over in a few months”

And then the bitch inside me speaks

What the point of life? you’re gonna go in the ground and deteriorate anyway”

I find myself laying a hand on my left side and feeling the rhythmic thud of my heart and I tell myself: As long as this thing keeps pumping blood you’ve got meaning, a purpose. I believe everyone was born in this world for a reason, we all bring something to this world that no one robot or alien can and then we leave.

But it’s the things we do, the daunting steps we take, the plunge into the unknown, the leap of faith that matters.

And I know that even if one person is reading this post and smiling, even if I end up doing that daunting thing next week then I’ve fulfilled my purpose. At least part of it.

I’ve left my mark.

And even if that daunting thing doesn’t go well at least I’ll know I tried and at least I won’t have an inkling of regret or a what if

what is the point of all this you ask?





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