3 reasons to re-read (or not to)

Re-reading, a guilty pleasure of most avid readers except for that lone rotten apple in the bunch aka MOI.

As some of you may or may not know I’m in school (as in high school not college yeah I’m talking to you Americans) So in English as part of the course we’re reading The Great Gatsby this semester, I mean it’s great (literally) but the dilemma is I read this book back in 2012 so now I have to re-read it.

The thing is I HATE re-reading, I always put it off, I don’t find it appealing but I have to do it for school….

To convince myself and other fellow rotten Apples I’ve created a list of pros and cons. To re-read or not to re-read  is the question…

Cons: You’re spoiled

You’ve read the book. You already know where the story is going, there is no element of surprise whatsoever. You already know the plot so what’s the point?

Pros: You can be a sleuth

You already know what’s going to happen but this time around you can knit pick the events that led up to the climax of the story, the change in behaviour, the foreshadowing. Fun times are ahead.

Cons: So many books, so little time

Why would you read this one particular book when there are thousands of books waiting to be read, sounds like a waste of time to me, just sayin’

Pros: Older and Wiser

You learn something new everyday and with time you grow wiser. This time around you can read this book with more maturity and hopefully a higher intellect.

FUN FACT: When I read The Great Gatsby the first time I didn’t know anything about the 20s or the alcohol ban (I was like 13 okay). I was SO IGNORANT and that probably ruined my reading experience.

Cons:It could ruin you

So it was a great book the first time you read it. Or an acceptable book. But what if the second time your perspective has changed so much that the book isn’t the same anymore? what if it’s not the same greatness of Fitzgerald-ness.

Pros: Beneath the surface

A second reading experience could offer you a deeper perspective into the emotions associated with the books. You can look beyond the plot and the story and focus more on the prime message.


There you have it. Those were all the reasons I could come up with for re-reading (or not). I guess I’ll just re-read Gatsby cuz i HAVE to but will I re-read other books in the future? idk. Can you give me a more convincing reason?






  1. I love rereading!!!! I gotta somehow persuade you about how absolutely amazing it is. It’s true that you know whats going to happen but somehow that doesn’t irk me. It just makes me feel more excited. LOVE THE GIFS!

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