Infinite Impulses: Old Starts

Infinite Impulses is an original feature on Infinity Reads where I post spur of the moment impulsive posts about anything and everything. Enjoy!

I followed the motions of putting my dress on. Loop arms through, button up and straighten.

It was the same dress I’d put on for one hundred something days of the year for the past three years but this time it felt different. I expected to feel tightness in my waist from all the chub I’ve acquired in the holidays but funnily enough it didn’t bother me anymore.

My dress made me feel like I was floating, it made me feel…comfortable.

I guess that’s the thing  you know, you wear something over and over,  the first time it feel wrong like you can never ever feel comfort in this thing, this bondage. But over time a routine ensues and after three years guess what? you grow into it, you stop caring, something in you or the dress rakes place that makes you feel comfortable.

I start high school today for the fourth time and I can still remember the first time like it was yesterday. Does my hair look okay? is my dress too long? do I look nerdy in these glasses? what if I’m alone?

What am I thinking this time you ask? Well you know I’ll just throw my hair in a bun, wear my glasses with pride and strut in my long comfy dress cuz WHO CARES? I’m comfortable. I’m confident

This isn’t a new beginning, it’s just the same thing I’ve done for the past three years. It’s an old start.

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7 thoughts on “Infinite Impulses: Old Starts”

  1. I’m starting Year 11 as well! I was talking to my friend today and she started Yr 11 at the end of last year and she says it’s quite a big jump…Good luck!!!!

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