We forget

Today the fam and I sporadically decided to check out this carnival going down at the beach and I took this opportunity to test out my dad’s literally thirty year old camera. You know the kind which has film and you take photos and you get them developed. It’s rad.

They are creations of wonder.

You see, we live in a world where there is an excess amount of noise. We are unawarely pressured to Instagram it or Facebook it and in doing so we forget to actually appreciate the thing we are Instagramming or Facebooking. We forget to admire the feel of smooth sand on our feet, the joy of eating fish and chips or really taking in that striking sunset. We forget to breathe, We forget to make memories.

My film camera made me see beauty in the most mundane things like waiting for the perfect moment to capture the sun setting below the horizon, feeling the cool evening breeze bite into your skin, marveling at the pink clouds floating above a raging sea.

After all, our eyes are the best camera we will ever have. The pictures will burn down, the phones will run out of battery but your memories will still be there. So if you don’t take it all in now what is gonna be left but an empty film?


5 thoughts on “We forget”

      1. Oh letters would be awesome! I feel like I belong in that age really. Where everything was thoughtful and as you said evoked patience


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