The unregistered truth

Time. The inescapable dimension that we all seem to be trying to control and bend so it just goes a little slower.

If I had to compare it, I would say it’s like sand slipping through your fingers. You start with a handful and before you know it, its moving rapidly without any care in the world until its slipped from your grasp.

The fast approaching end of our time in 2014 is too close which also means that I am now done for school. I do have to return next year, I know bleugh but weirdly I’m gonna be returning as a senior school student (A Junior in American terms). It hasn’t registered that now I am one of the older students at school. I certainly don’t feel like it party because I act like I’m eight years old.

And before you know it a decade will pass and then another until you’re on your death bed and we’ll ask ourselves, where did time go? And that is the age old question where does time go?

I recently watched the movie Interstellar which was AMAZING but it’s what inspired this post on time because the movie represents time as another dimension and its scary and overwhelming but it’s the truth. And often we don’t acknowledge this truth. I think it’s because of the doomed feeling it accompanies.

But imagine this. Today is the last 4th or 5th December 2014 you will ever live. All I have to say is, make it count because before you know it, it’s gonna slip out of your hands. πŸ™‚

NOTE: I know this post is different to my other posts but I really didn’t have anything planned and sometimes you gotta go with ya gut. So give it a ‘like’ if you like these types of posts thank you!



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