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The 5th wave movie: Casting

The film adaptation of Rick Yancey’s best-selling novel The 5th Wave is making high progress.

Filming has already begun and most of the main characters have been cast so I decided, why not share the cast of 5th Wave and bring you up to date!

NOTE: I’m not familiar with most of these actors so sorry if I come across as ignorant.


Initially I thought she looked a bit mature to play Teacup then I thought right, this is Teacup: the meanest seven year old. I’m excited to see if she can pull it off.

Lisa Sullivan 

Judging by the Facebook comments on The 5th Wave page this actress is more well known as Tara. Now I’m not a television person so I have no clue but all I remember  Cassie’s mum doing is being sick so not sure how big her role will be in the movie.

Oliver Sullivan 

Not much to say here except he is close to the all American dad I imagined Cassie to have.


Oh my God, look how perfect he is! the first thing I noticed was his ears cuz get it?Dumbo? I believe he can play the role of the fierce medic quite well.


Isn’t that the cutest thing! not gonna lie I imagined Sammy as this chubby five year old but for movie purposes I guess they want him to look older. Appearance wise, he does resemble our Cassie a tad bit so they can pass off as siblings.


Initial reaction: Holy moly this is the stuff of my nightmares. It feels like they literally scanned my brain and then created this dude to look exactly like how I imagined Vosch . The 5th Wave has some of the most promising cast I swear.


Another scan of my brain I’m guessing? this is so ON POINT. That fierce, sharp, kickass girl I pictured now has an immensely similar face as to my imagination. Although I do hope they give her dark hair because I’m particular like that

For those who’ve read The Infinite Sea, remember Ringer’s name is Marika and this actress is called Maika, weird right? good weird.

Ben Parrish

I’m not too sure about this one, he seems a bit young and I imagined Ben to look like the stereotypical blond footballer. Guess we’ll just wait for the movie.

Evan Walker

Oh Gods of hotness! behold this fine specimen readers because he is PERFECTION. In my eyes, they couldn’t have done a better job casting Evan “claps excitedly”. Brb, just gonna swoon in the corner by myself,


Cassie Sullivan

My Queen just got cast as Cassie Sullivan HELL YES.  I had this argument with my friend because she thinks Chloe should just stick to doing the emotional/dramatic roles that she currently does and I was like NO.  if there is anyone that can pull off the badass, coming of age character that Cassie is, It’s Chloe. Super excited to see her in a different dynamic eek!

The 5th wave is set to release sometime in 2016 and I can’t wait to receive more news from the sets and everything.

Which cast member seems the most promising to you? anyone you’re surprised or unfazed by? comment away

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