Film review

Movie review: Gone Girl

I assure you, this is safe territory and there are NO SPOILERS in this post 🙂

Director: David Fincher

Starring: Ben Affleck and Rosamund Pike

Genre: Mystery, drama

To start off, this movie adaptation of Gone Girl did not disappoint. The themes in cooperated into the film stayed true to the book and the plot successfully managed to be intense and engrossing simultaneously.

The author

If you aren’t aware already, Gillian Flyyn, the author of the book herself wrote the screenplay. I believe this was a crucial and very intelligent decision. The author knows exactly which events are crucial in developing the plot and what exactly stuck with the readers about Gone Girl that would also stick with the viewers. Hence, the movie contained the perfect representation of events that are important in creating that drama and thrill.

The plot

When it comes to plot twists books have it easy because it’s easier to conceal however, with movies it’s harder because everything is there, in front of you. (hope that makes sense?). I was expecting this movie to follow the plot twists road but I’m glad it didn’t because that would’ve been a mess. Instead it was just cleverly sequenced.

Unfortunately, this also meant that the book has more of a thrill factor and the movie didn’t take me by surprise obviously because I knew what was coming. Don’t get me wrong though, the intensity was there alright. Some of the scenes were unexpectedly graphic to the point where I was considering closing my eyes and I love that the movie managed to do that.

The characters

I was expecting nothing but the best performance from Ben Affleck which he managed to deliver no doubt. But quite surprisingly Rosamund Pike did a brilliant job of playing the role of Amy. Amy is quite a difficult character to play because you’ve got to execute her psycho side well and ah this woman better win an Oscar for this performance.

Gone Girl is a very serious, very intense movie which adapted the book quite cleverly in my opinion. I feel like the book and the movie compliment each other so no matter if you read the book first or watch the movie they still both manage to be good. I highly recommend you do at least one of those




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