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It’s been a while since I’ve posted about anything related to Game Of Thrones and I miss it. After scouring the deepest darkest corners of the internet I’ve found some questions I’d like to answer.

1. How did you discover the series/books?

There’s a story behind this, so get ready for story time! One summer I was bored and wished to start watching a new tv series so I began watchiing Game Of Thrones. 3 minutes into the show and I was extremely confused so I decided to read the books hoping the show would make more sense. So, I bought the books impulsively. Here’s the thing the best books I buy are the ones I buy on impulse, it’s like I don’t choose the book, the book chooses me.

2. What is your favorite house apart from Stark or Lannister?

Here’s a picture of my phone case.

Do i even need to elaborate?. The Stark or Lannisters aren’t even my favorite houses, Targaryens FTW!

3. Who is your favorite character from house Stark/Lannister?

This is a no brainer. Arya from house stark that little face changing wolf and Tyrion of the house Lannister that little cunning genius.

4. Who is your favorite character?

This is an extremely tough question. I’d have to say Cersei. Let me explain. Out of all the characters I find her POVs in the book the most interesting just because she’s portrayed as this bitch by other characters, I highly enjoy reading what she has to say for herself. And to be honest it would be gut wrenching if she died, but sooner or later it’s bound to happen knowing GRRM.

5.Who is your least favorite character?

I’d have to say Sansa. I can feel everybody judging me already. But seriously she just comes off as dumb and I know some people think she’s the biggest game player but honestly she just seems to follow Littlefinger and It’s hard to explain but I just get  really bored with her.

6. What are your thought about the series/ books?

I’ve reviewed all of A Song of Ice and Fire books on my blog so feel free to check those out to find out my thoughts on the books. About the series, I feel like they’re moving at a much faster pace and I just hope Winds of Winter doesn’t get spoiled for me because of the show. Although the show isn’t as detailed as the books all the events are executed so powerfully, it really is the best.

7. If you could be one of the characters who would you be and why?

All of the cool characters are dead or in danger of dying so I’m not sure if I’d want to be in their position. But if I have to choose I’d go with Bran just because he can do the cool Green seeing and what not.

8. What is your favorite episode/season?

My two favorite episodes are hands down

#1. Blackwater- the cinematography in that episode gave me goosebumps and the wildfire was so much better than I imagined it to be and oh it was perfect.

#2- The Red Wedding, I love how having read the books the show still manages to surprise me. The wedding was the most horrifyingly amazing thing I have ever witnessed. And can we just take a moment to appreciate how beautiful Rains of Castemere sounds?

9. What are you most looking forward to in the upcoming season/books?

I can literally write a whole blog post about this but here’s a little summary version:

Season 5- I wanna see amazingly animated dragons, lots of game playing and fight scenes featuring the Sand Snakes, I wanna see freakin Aegon Targaryen (they better not cut that part out)

Winds of Winter- I wanna see Dany kick butt again, lots of battles and blood, possibly white walkers or freaky zombie stuff judging by the title.

That concludes the tag. I hope you enjoyed reading my thoughts and feel free to do the tag yourself and send me a link if you do!




  1. I’m violating the spirit of your post by not posting the 9 questions/answers on my blog, but here!

    1) I picked up A Game of Thrones in an airport to read on a flight, back in 1996 or so. I read the first four chapters, and set the book down at home and it collected dust for a long time, sadly. I had friends over the years who had read the books, were endlessly discussing how slow the next book was coming out (mostly waiting on book 4, and then right after book 4 when there were book 5 promises and delays.) My friends were really hammering on me to read the books, but I was being lame.

    While waiting in a line for a Black Friday store to open up, I brought A Game of Thrones to pass the time, started a re-read, and it was like being hit by lightning, it was so good.

    2) House Codd, because they have the most entertaining name. “Though All Men Do Despise Us.”

    3) Arya and Tyrion always get a lot of love, so I’ll go with Jon Snow (who I can’t stop talking about) and on the Lannister side, Geryon Lannister, Tyrion’s adventurous (and favorite) uncle.

    4) Ser Davos. I’m all about the Onion Knight.

    5) I will definitely judge you harshly on not liking Sansa, since it’s Littlefinger that you should be harshing on. (So, Littlefinger is my least favorite character, I guess. Maybe Daario Naharis? Ramsay Snow is my actual most hated character… but not because he’s written badly or whatever.)

    6) In regards to my thoughts on the shows and the books: I mostly review topics from the TV show (which often applies to the books) because that’s where I get illustrative images to spruce up the wall of text. You can find my 40+ articles on Game of Thrones (if you count my extra-in-depth articles on a second blog I have) at my site,

    I think the show has been a pretty amazing and faithful adaptation, in taking on the big picture. There’s small omissions that I don’t necessarily like, and some new wrinkles and emphasis that I don’t necessarily like, but that’s pretty small compared to the really clever choices I feel the show-runners have made in doing their adaptation.

    I do worry about what they’ll be showing the season after next, when they’ll probably have exhausted the first 5 books.

    7) If I could be any one character, it would be Bronn the sell-sword. He’s pretty cool, he’s not important enough a character to be killed off (yet), and his biggest enemy at the moment in Cersei, who is having a hard time getting things done.

    8) Favorite episode: I really liked Baelor (with Ned), Blackwater (wild), and Rains of Castamere (oh, Robb), but I think my favorite scene, of all time, was from the episode where Jaime gets his hand whacked off. That was a moment in the books that I became enraged at myself for realizing that I was really invested in Ser Jaime’s story. They did the chop, Jaime screams, and BOOM – end credits with a rocking and dissonant rendition of the Bear and the Maiden Fair. I thought that was perfect for a non-episode 9 ender.

    9) I think I’m mostly looking forward to how they’re going to try and bring in some previous things. I’ve heard rumors of flashbacks, so I’m hoping they’ll fill in some missing stuff from Robert’s Rebellion (I’m talking the Tower of Joy here, Ned and 6 others vs. 3 Kingsguard.) And it’ll be nice (if they do flashbacks) to see actors who’ve died be back and alive. For, uh, *flashbacks* Yeah. That’s my hope that I have in my stony heart.

    Thanks for posting these questions and your answers.


    • I really enjoyed myself reading your answers. Thank you! They happen to be so much in depth than mine haha. In reply to you judging me on Sansa, I believe Littlefinger is the smartest game player since he seems to control everyone basically. And Ramsay Snow gave me nightmares as well. Thank you again 🙂

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      • Thanks for enjoying my answers. We can amicabily agree to disagree on Sansa, I respect where you are coming from. (I’m still judging! I’m super-judgmental! Unless Trial by Combat is called for… those can be dangerous.)

        As for Littlefinger, I’ll be writing up a long post about him, I think next year (I’m writing a Game of Thrones article every two weeks this year, and do one every week next year when 2015 hits.) Basically, I give Littlefinger points for being smart in a selfish, short sighted, and ultimately doomed way.

        But that’s just me.

        I’m enjoying reading your book reviews for A Song of Ice and Fire, by the way!


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