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Discussion: A Dance with Dragons

Author: George.R.R.Martindragons

Series: A song of Ice and Fire #5

Pages: 1125

Summary: Read here cuz it’s Wayy too long.




I’m assuming everyone reading this post has already read the book so you might understand that it is impossible to review/discuss the book without spoiling it or previous books in the series.

ADWD was the other half of A Feast for Crows and featured all my favourite characters: Jon, Daenerys, Tyrion and Arya.

This book took me a ridiculously long time to finish, I only felt involved during the last half but eventually I did finish the book and boy do I want the next one. Since the characters are the prime focus, without further redue let us discuss them.

Jon Snow


Jon story progressed a great deal in comparison to other characters in the book. I am going to oppose the statement that Jon Snow “knows nothing” as he was dealt with the wildling situation in a rather clever manner.  During A Feast for Crows I was annoyed with Jon what with him switching the babies and sending Sam away but reading his POV gave me insight.

I admire his ability to stick with his decisions even though not many people (uhm Night’s Watch brother) supported him. It did coast him in the end though, I mean talk about cliffhangers! You can’t just finish his POV with “Jon got stabbed”, I refuse to believe he is dead.



Daenerys annoyed me in ADWD especially when she pulled her whole, “I am a little girl and know not the ways of war”, like why would you start a war in the first place if you don’t know anything about it! I understand she had good intentions but why can’t she just stop trying to save the world and go back to Westeros and claim her throne.  Daenerys went from being this strong, determined woman to a love sick little girl with poor decision making skills.

A golden opportunity presented itself when Quentyn Martell appeared, I mean he literally offered to carry her to Westeros. With Dorne and Dragons by her side Daenerys would’ve been invincible but instead she decided to marry some dude who tried to feed her poisoned locusts.

My favourite part of the book was when Dany controlled Drogon like, yes I wanna see dragons and I wanna see angry, powerful, blood thirsty Dany.



Much of Tyrion’s storyline in ADWD consisted of him travelling, actually too much of his storyline. I mean no big deal, we got a grand tour of the free cities including a history lesson on Valyria, met familiar and unfamiliar faces and had the privilige to be involved in Tyrion’s whinging about where whores go. Which makes me wonder, where do whore go? ok I’ll stop.

I got rather excited when Tyrion encountered Jorah Mormont, despite their hate hate relationship they did look out for eachother throughout the book.  I’m interested to see how Tyrion will convince the Second Sons to join Daenerys  but I believe he is capable.



Although she made scarce appearences I highly enjoyed the Arya chapters. The previous book had me worried about her sight but thankfully she got it back.

I would’ve liked more background information on the House of Black and White as their practices confuse me, anyone care to enlighten me in the comments? thanks.  I’m curious to see as to where Arya’s storyline will progress, I mean will she ever go back to Westeros or meet someone from there?


GRRM’s passion for great detail never fails to amaze me. It paints this three dimensional picture in your head. However, I feel like this book did not progress as much but was rather setting up events for the following books.  I’m assuming the next couple books will be loaded and hopefully they aren’t as mediocre as this one.

PS: I am by no means done discussing ADWD, there is still much and more ( a certain Targaryen for example), which is why there shall be part two so as to prevent this post from getting too long.

PPS: If you did make it this far and read all that then thank you 🙂






7 thoughts on “Discussion: A Dance with Dragons”

  1. In Daenerys’ defense, when she pulls the “I’m just a little girl, and don’t know the ways of war” line, usually she’s trying to appear naive. I respect that you found it annoying (Dany isn’t perfect, I’m not saying that) but it’s one of those things I like about her.

    Great recap on the book. I heard from reliable sources that GRRM turned in his draft for book 6 recently, and the same sources claim it would take around 9 months to get it through the editorial process to submission. Hopefully it’ll arrive for next summer.


    1. Thank you! I’ve heard Winds of Winter is predicted to be released in 2015 but since ADWD took such a long time people are doubtful. Anyways, one can only hope

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  2. Great review! I agree with most of what you said so far. I’m not sure if I like the new Targaryen angle though. I’m not sure how it’s going to go, but I hope it won’t affect Dany in any way.

    I also don’t want Jon Snow to die. That would just be horrible.


    1. Thank you! I’m going to be discussing the new targaryen in my next post and I highly doubt GRRM would kill jon but you never know


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