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City of Heavenly Fire Discussion- SPOILERS

Hello there

I feel like I have been a bit MIA. My sincerest apologies. What with exams coming up and everything blogging just hasn’t been my number one priority.

It’s about time we discuss the City of Heavenly Fire WITH SPOILERS

The feels were very active, I whizzed through it because I really wanted to know the end and I wanted Sebastien to die!

Sebastien did die but in the most heartbreaking way EVER. His whole obsession with Clary was creepy to say the least but I could sort of understand him? Like he obviously was lonely and everyone including his parents saw him as a monster and I couldn’t blame him for seeking a little affection you know. Sebastien’s death was the only part in the book that made me cry like NO YOU TURNED INTO NICE JONATHAN YOU SHOULDN’T DIE NOW!

SIMON OH MY GOD! WHY WHY. I did not like that one bit. I mean why couldn’t Magnus just become mortal and stay the same age and get with Alec and they could live happily ever after then Simon wouldn’t have to lose his frekin memories! Simon not remembering everyone was so annoying because he and Isabelle were my favourite couple and then this to happen! Although I am happy they are still kinda together

Speaking of weddings…those dream visions Clary and stuff had in Hell game me SO MANY FEELS. It was brilliant just showing everyone’s desires. That part made me wish Jonathan Morgenstern had existed and that Max had never died. But Jace’s vision though, I mean his characterization was so strong throughout this book, how he doubted himself then defeated Sebastien then accepted himself to be a Herondale “claps”.

It was cool getting to meet Emma Carstairs and Jules but I feel like Cassandra Clare was setting up for the next book so basically this book was advertising The Dark Artifices which irritates me. And why the heck did Emma become Julian’s Parabatai, I feel like that was so betraying on her part I mean she could have told him the truth about her parents just WHY

I did a little happy dance when Jem returned YES. I mean I expected it but it was really cool to see it actually happen finally. His reunion with Tessa just bought back a heap of Infernal Devices feels for me.

This is the last thing I swear. Maya’s “thing-she-had-to-talk-about-with-Jordan” was made such a big deal but turns out she only wanted to break up with him? I thought she had like betrayed him or gotten pregnant or something.

On a parting note let’s just have a moment for Alec and Magnus BEST COUPLE EVER.
I feel like there are a hundred other things I could talk about but this post is already so long and if you made it this far then YOU ARE GODDAMN AWESOME

Ok bye 

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