Bout of Books 10.0 Read-a-Thon update #1

Yay the read-a-thon has begun (well it began on monday but meh)!

I have been reading my ass off. When I’m not reading I’m well…reading. Except for when I’m watching TV or doing schoolwork ugh school 😦

On with the update!

1. I have finished The One! Yes, finally. There will be a review coming soon, possibly after the read-a-thon is over where I shall discuss my ever extensive thoughts.

3138132 2. Feast for Crows

I did start the book but got distracted so I hope to continue on with it soon.

Pages read: 75

3. Jane Eyre

This book just seems to drag on but we can do this right? right.

Pages read: 77


One book down, two to go. I haven’t really progressed very much with the other two mainly because of my tendency to focus on one book at a time. I hope to update soon with another book read.

Have a nice day Sunshines 🙂


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