Clash of Kings and Characterization

The character development was brilliantly done in a Clash of Kings by George R.R. Martin. Below are some of my favourite character developments throughout the book.

I also did a book review on A Clash Of Kings discussing my general thoughts about the book.



I love seeing strong females in books and I believe the development of Arya, how she grows into this strong and almost cunning person who takes charge of the situation was beautiful.  She was always strong from the start but this book saw the brave and dangerous side of Arya. She was forced to grow up too quick because of the situation, the Arya in the previous would never have been able to kill someone, practicing with a sword and using it to protect you are two very different things. I loved how she’s always determined and hope to see more of her in the next book.




Tyrion Lannister still remains my favourite character despite his condition at the end of the novel. It was very exciting to see Tyrion overtaking the rest of the characters with his plotting and mind games especially Cersei. However, I do see Tyrion as being on the “bad” side of the war (the Starks being the “good” side). Looking into the mind of Tyrion always left me eager to read more of his POV’s. I was able to sympathize with him to a higher extent in this book.



As much as Cersei annoys me with her evil deeds this book did make me understand her situation better.  There is one instance in the book where she says something like “were I not a woman I would have no need of all you men” meaning she usually has to get men to get her opinion through because females aren’t very important in their society. I started sympathizing with her and she is a strong female. As mentioned before I love strong female characters



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Theon didn’t develop for the good but rather the bad. Returning home after 10 years and finding things so changed and then making all those bad decisions oh he almost seems like a real person. There were times when I felt sorry for him and other I thought he was such a fool! I wonder if he is dead or alive because clash of Kings left me hanging (sorry if I spoiled it for you).


Thank you for reading! 🙂

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